CirrusVet represents the latest innovation Practice Management System technology. Harnessing the power and convenience of the Cloud, CirrusVet is a simple to use software model which is both more reliable and substantially cheaper than its predecessors. CirrusVet is a software as a service programme (SaaS) which operates on any device with a browser and internet connection. This means it has mobile, tablet, PC and Mac integration.


CirrusVet requires no expensive and complex hardware setups characteristic of older systems. Such arrangements have been proven to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and necessitate constant IT support. CirrusVet requires no onsite equipment - you simply login on any device with a browser. This means you are not liable to pay any hidden costs in the form of IT support callouts. Since CirrusVet's inception we have had 100% service availability, much to the satisfaction of our clients.


As you only pay for the software you use, there are no hidden charges to maintain and replace hardware. CirrusVet is fully operational even on your old hardware setup, provided the terminals have an internet connection.


Tablet and mobile access represents a progressive approach to a client relationships. It allows for a more hands on and convenient consultation style, as well as the interface being easier and friendlier to use. Most importantly, portability means the system can be updated from any location at any time; extremely useful for home visits and mobile vets.

Cirrus Vet On Mobile Devices


Flexible contracts mean you are never tied in - ranging from as low as 3 months. There are also no up front or set-up costs, so you are only paying for the software you use.

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