Cirrusvet is a software as a service (SaaS) concept. Our product is one where you pay for exactly how many users you require in your practice, and everything is accessed via an internet browser on your existing hardware. There are no installation costs, and virtually no training time required.

Extras may include Cirrusvet's own endorsed printers and label printers, one-time password generator dongles for extra security, ID cards and more - for more details call us today on 02032 399 299 to see how CirrusVet's product will work in your practice.


Access to the CirrusVet is normally restricted by username and password, however as assaults on systems become more sophisticated CirrusVet has a toolbox of defences which can be applied to the whole account or single users.

Extra security measures include restricting access to the system for certain users so that they can only access it from within the business premises. For owners and managers with access to the financial areas of the system it may be appropriate to use one time password generators. These small devices add an extra layer to security by providing a time dependent number which must be used together with the normal username and password in order to access the system.

For busy surgeries where staff move from terminal to terminal we have developed, in conjunction with our partners, a contactless ID swipe card system. These readers have a USB interface and can plug in to any type of desktop computer or laptop. Using this system you simply touch your ID card on the reader and the system logs you in to CirrusVet - effortless and highly secure.

CirrusVet also uses strong encryption to make sure that data can not be intercepted between you and the server. This is known as SSL and it displays a padlock in the web browser you are using.

Talk to us about how to make systems extremely secure without impeding the smooth running of your surgery.

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