Cost Saving

CirrusVet will save you money and improve productivity - it is entirely web based so there is no server to buy and maintain, no special terminals - all you need is a working web browser on any device and you're in business. You can even access it on a smart phone over 4G. We don't have the cost of a big corporate structure - everyone at CirrusVet is an engineer and so when you speak to someone here they know the system inside and out because they work on it every day. No more support tickets, you just get straight through to someone who can solve any issue, right there and then.

Per Licence   £50/mo
Data Conversion   £500
Label Printer and Print Server   £100
SMS Text Message   4p/ea
SMS Virtual Number   £25/mo

All prices exclude UK VAT. Licences are flexible and floating for average number of concurrent users - a typical established practice is 2/3 licences. Licences can be used across multiple branches automatically. For full details please call or write and we will give you an accurate estimate. Data migration is a fixed fee and includes one test run and one final run. SMS text charges are for outgoing messages only, incoming messages are free.

  As users of CirrusVet for over 10 years we have found it a consistently good PMS system. Locums and new staff embrace the system with ease  
  Rebecca Bradley, Darlington Vet Centre, established CirrusVet user for more than 10 years  


CirrusVet has been designed to be fast and allow you to work quickly during consults - this is what happens when a software engineer marries a vet. The consult screen contains everything you need to review, bill, print labels and write clinical notes without having to navigate off to other screens or have endless pop-ups. The label printing is entirely automatic and goes through a dedicated printer server box linked to the printer and therefore does not get in the way of consulting. We also have a unique waiting room feature so you can see at a glance who has arrived and how long they have been there. Email us and we can show you with an online demo.

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Data Migration and Training

We have converted data from every type of existing system into CirrusVet, so we offer a fixed fee for doing this service of £500 and it includes doing the conversion and providing you access to test it and then doing a second conversion in order to go live with CirrusVet. We have a lot of experience on what works for training your staff on the new system and we will be on-site for the first day to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is able to understand where the tools are for them to do their job. Call us to discuss how we can help with the transition.

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Access to the CirrusVet is normally restricted by username and password, however as assaults on systems become more sophisticated CirrusVet has a toolbox of defences which can be applied to the whole account or single users.

Extra security measures include restricting access to the system for certain users so that they can only access it from within the business premises. For owners and managers with access to the financial areas of the system it may be appropriate to use one time password generators. These small devices add an extra layer to security by providing a time dependent number which must be used together with the normal username and password in order to access the system.

For busy surgeries where staff move from terminal to terminal we have developed, in conjunction with our partners, a contactless ID swipe card system. These readers have a USB interface and can plug in to any type of desktop computer or laptop. Using this system you simply touch your ID card on the reader and the system logs you in to CirrusVet - effortless and highly secure.

CirrusVet also uses strong encryption to make sure that data can not be intercepted between you and the server. This is known as SSL and it displays a padlock in the web browser you are using.

Talk to us about how to make systems extremely secure without impeding the smooth running of your surgery.


One of the keys to driving efficiency and accuracy whilst making everyones job easier if the methods we use for automating tasks - from the products where we have macros which will add all of the constituent drugs and items to a bill in one go, to stock control and automatic purchase orders which are sent electronically to wholesalers and automatic price rises from wholesaler price changes. Reminders are automatically driven from product sales and cancelled if the client has already been back in for the medication - or the forthcoming client portal where clients can see bills, upcoming appointments and booster dates. We have a great deal of innovation in the pipeline which will keep your practice ahead of the competition.

  CirrusVet is one of veterinary's best kept secrets. It was recommended to me by another practice owner who praised it for being user-friendly as well as the support Bob provides. I have used several other systems in the past and CirrusVet is by far the easiest to learn, allowing my team and I to get on with caring for our patients.  
  April Young, Weeley Vet Centre, CirrusVet user for over two years