New Start Practice

We know how hard it is to get a new business off the ground and so we take some of that burden and give you unlimited CirrusVet for just £25 per month, no matter how many users you have - after 12 months the licence cost goes back to the normal £50 per month. You get the full fat CirrusVet, this is not a semi-skimmed version and you will be able to see and use the features that the system has for driving the much bigger practices with stock control, multi-user access, electronic Purchase Ordering, automatic repricing of drugs and much more.

New Start Practice ††£25/mo
SMS text message ††4p

Online Training

Call us now and we will be happy to arrange an online training session where we share our screen and take you through using the system. This is the same method we use for training which you can request after your account is open. There is no extra charge for this and there is no limit on how many times you request it.

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Consultation Screen

The multifaceted consult screen:


CirrusVet has a unique advantage in its approach to printing. We have developed a direct printing technology which allows you to print all of the labels and the invoice for a consultation in just one click - you don't need to select a printer for each different type of print job, you don't have to worry about whether the printer drivers are installed on your device and are setup and working properly. You don't even need to be in the same building as the printers. This may seem like a minor part of the system but in the practices we consulted, printing problems were always very high up on the list of things which get in the way of the smooth working of the surgery. After all if you can't print quickly and easily then you can't consult the next client on time. Other systems still rely on old printer drivers and printer servers where you have to constantly re-select the printer for the label or the invoice, but CirrusVet prints the documents directly to the appropraite printers in the surgery you are working in. When you have finished the consult, you press Close and Print and the system prints all of the prescription labels and the invoice automatically. This can save a lot of time over a session or a day, giving you more time for clients and patients.

CirrusVet Label Printer

Texting and Reminders

Two-way texting represents CirrusVet's most recent and exciting innovation. You will now be able to communicate on the consult screen with clients directly, allowing you to arrange appointments, issue reminders and offer updates on hospitalised pets. Such a personalised service will give your clients the reassurance they need and appreciate. As well as this, the CirrusVet system can be set up to issue automated text reminders for vaccines, boosters, post-op checks etc. Where a phone number is not available for an automated text, an automated email or letter can be formulated also.

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Integrated Lab Results

One of the main inefficiencies we encountered in typical management systems was the time consuming and bureaucratic process of transmitting and manually inputting lab results into a client's record. On top of this, the complex and disorganised nature of the process made the transmission of details vulnerable to human error in the form of data loss and inaccuracies.

Where ordinarily a lab form would have to be printed and manually filled out, CirrusVet has automated this process with the use of a barcode mechanism, allowing your lab to access all the relevant client data digitally and securely. This is both quicker and leaves no room for error.

The PDF file containing the lab results is then automatically posted into the client's record, eliminating the need for hard copies to be faxed or mailed and then organised at the expense of time and resources.


Reporting For any business owner, the value of knowing the activity and productivity of your practice cannot be underestimated. CirrusVet offers tools which monitor and report upon the data it has collected, equating to a detailed breakdown of where time and resources are being allocated in your business. Such reporting may include:

CirrusVet also offers, upon your request, a custom report on any given set of your practice's data.


This is what our vet users are saying about us;

CirrusVet - itís easy to use but what is most important for me is that I can use it when Iím on doing home visits
Alex Simon, My Caring Vet, new start CirrusVet user for less than a year

As users of CirrusVet for over 10 years we have found it a consistently good PMS system. Locums and new staff embrace the system with ease
Rebecca Bradley, Darlington Vet Centre, established CirrusVet user for more than 10 years

CirrusVet is one of veterinary's best kept secrets. It was recommended to me by another practice owner who praised it for being user-friendly as well as the support Bob provides. I have used several other systems in the past and CirrusVet is by far the easiest to learn, allowing my team and I to get on with caring for our patients.
April Young, Weeley Vet Centre, CirrusVet user for over two years