Pricing Matrix

New Start Practice ††£25/mo
Established Practice ††£50/mo
Data Conversion ††£500
Label Printer and Print Server ††£100
SMS Text Message ††4p/ea
SMS Virtual Number ††£25/mo

All prices exclude UK VAT. Use licences are flexible floating licences for average number of concurrent users, typical new start is 1 licence and typical established practice is 2/3 licences. New start licences are available to practices which have started within the last 12 months or are planned to start in the future. Licences can be used across multiple branches automatically. For full details please call or write and we will give you an accurate estimate. Data migration is a fixed fee and includes one test run and one final run. SMS text charges are for outgoing messages only, incoming messages are free.

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Keeping Costs Low

We are experienced software engineers with decades of experience in running large scale server farms and writing software for business. We haven't sold out to a large American corporation, we don't have an army of middle-managers - so whenever you talk to someone at CirrusVet they are an engineer who knows the product inside and out because they work on it every day. This keeps our costs low.

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No Setup Costs

No Server - No Special Terminals - No Software Packages to Buy

Since CirrusVet is a service, there are no up-front costs for hardware such as servers and terminals, so you can be up and running with CirrusVet quickly and inexpensively.

In old systems you needed to have a server costing several thousands of pounds, terminals costing several hundreds of pounds each, licences for associated applications which the mains system required, you had to purchase the software itself and usually local area network installation. With CirrusVet it's different, you can simply order a WiFi router from your broadband supplier and be online and using the system in minutes, we take care of the service and you are free to use anything you like as a terminal - iPad, laptop, Mac or PC.

This is what our vet users are saying about us;

CirrusVet - itís easy to use but what is most important for me is that I can use it when Iím on doing home visits
Alex Simon, My Caring Vet, new start CirrusVet user for less than a year

As users of CirrusVet for over 10 years we have found it a consistently good PMS system. Locums and new staff embrace the system with ease
Rebecca Bradley, Darlington Vet Centre, established CirrusVet user for more than 10 years

CirrusVet is one of veterinary's best kept secrets. It was recommended to me by another practice owner who praised it for being user-friendly as well as the support Bob provides. I have used several other systems in the past and CirrusVet is by far the easiest to learn, allowing my team and I to get on with caring for our patients.
April Young, Weeley Vet Centre, CirrusVet user for over two years