Start Up

Here at Cirrusvet we understand the financial and emotional implications of setting up a business. Initial costs can be high, putting pressure on your business to be profitable quickly; and in order to establish yourself in the business your service has to compete with your rivals. Cirrusvet is perfect for you in that:

Single Branch

Cirrusvet's unique approach to functionality combined with affordability means you can enjoy a professional practice management system at a low cost and with no hassle. As you don't need professional IT skills to maximise what Cirrusvet has to offer, you can focus on growing your business and attending to the needs of your clients.

Whether you are switching from and old practice management software system or upgrading to one from a paper-based system, Cirrusvet utilises your existing hardware so that set up costs are minimal. In the long run, Cirrusvet's format gives you ample scope to expand your business to new branches with no surprise costs.

Cirrus Vet Doctor With Clipboard

No Setup Costs

No Server - No Special Terminals - No Software Packages to Buy

Since CirrusVet is a service, there are no up-front costs for hardware such as servers and terminals, so you can be up and running with CirrusVet quickly and inexpensively.

In old systems you needed to have a server costing several thousands of pounds, terminals costing several hundreds of pounds each, licences for associated applications which the mains system required, you had to purchase the software itself and usually local area network installation. With CirrusVet it's different, you can simply order a WiFi router fom your broadband supplier and be online and using the system in minutes, we take care of the service and you are free to use anything you like as a terminal, be it iPad, laptop, Mac or PC.

Price List

There is a simple fixed fee per annum per licence structure for CirrusVet pricing, the licences are based on concurrent users ie the number of people using the system at the same time. So you can have as many physical terminals as you like in several different branches and this doe not dictate the number of licences you need.

The cost per licence is £600 +VAT per annum and there are discounts available for 10 licences and above. Contact us now to discuss you likely requirements, privately and confidentially.